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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome – we’re delighted you visited. Kurz & Lang brings Germany’s best to the UK – sensationally flavoursome, fabulously tasty, proud and perky Bratwursts, made with only the freshest ingredients.The first Kurz & Lang branch is located in the City. Do pop in to say hello and try the best ‘wursts’ in town. You’ll find us at 1 St. John Street, Smithfield, London EC1M 4AA (near Smithfield’s market).

Closing down the Smithfield Branch:

On Friday 14 August 2015 at 3pm we will be closing down the Wurst Place in Smithfield.

We would like to thank all our customers of that branch for an amazing 9 years. All of our other activities will of course continue and we will expand the availability of our products across the UK.



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By the way:

All our sausages are Gluten-Free!

Visit us at the:

Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2015 stand V124 6-8 September 2015 at London Olympia


“Food & Drink Expo” on stand M168 at NEC Birmingham 18-20 April 2016

The Kurz & Lang story

Kurz & Lang is literally fresh from Germany: delicious Bratwursts made with freshly imported, quality meat and cooked to order. It’s a fast, satisfying way to enjoy hot, fresh food on the go. Whether you choose to eat-in or take-away, your Bratwurst will be grilled before your very eyes and served the way you like it – straight-up or with a bit of something on the side! We’ll be tantalising your taste-buds with a variety of Bratwursts with your choice of sauces and side dishes as well as hot and cold drinks. We love the UK but so missed our favourite German food that we decided to bring the two together. We hope you come to know and love ‘wurst’ as much as we do. Make sure you get your first original Bratwurst soon at Kurz & Lang.

About our supplier

Deep in the heart of stunning Rhineland Palatine is our meat supplier – the “Bayer company”. This German family-run business mixes traditional ethical values with cutting edge technology and hygiene, to produce award winning, quality meat.

  The bigger picture

 The sad fact is that small and medium-sized slaughterhouses throughout Europe are closing down in favour of larger premises. The result is a detrimental impact on livestock husbandry, the disposal of liquid manure, the procurement of animal feed, animal transportation and the tethering up of animals in pens within the slaughterhouses.

The Bayer family decided to buck this growing trend and maintain their slaughterhouse in Niederwallmenach, which is now managed by the fourth generation of the Bayer family. This was a long-drawn-out and complicated procedure demanding complete reorganisation of the company. The mission was not only to counteract the detrimental impact of centralisation, but also to offer the farmers in the region a future.

All these changes revolved around the Bayer company’s mission “to provide the best possible animal welfare and as a result the best quality meat”.

Keeping traditional values

As a result of the reorganisation, Bayer is now a licensed business in the handling of organic food. This means, amongst other qualities, that they officially practice humane and proper slaughtering.

They also ensure that animal distress during travel is kept to an absolute minimum, with 90% of animals being delivered by farmers themselves, with a journey of under an hour.

 Our commitment to you

Just like the Bayer family, our top priority is to encourage the best possible animal welfare and as a result, provide the best quality meat.

Guten Appetit!

Fleisch-Hof Bayer

We are currently recruiting for staff at our City location: GRILL & THRILL!

Part-time staff

We are looking for outgoing candidates to bring their unique personality to Kurz & Lang.

This position involves night and weekend shifts.

Successful applicants will be performing ‘front-of-house’ and need to show the dynamism to grill our product with theatre and thrill our customers with the preparation, presentation and great taste Kurz & Lang offers.

Experience in the catering/service sector is an asset, but not essential; an enthusiastic and lively personality is even more important. So if you are keen to work in a team, learn new skills and above all enjoy yourself at work, please get in touch. Good knowledge of the English language is essential. German would be an asset. You need to be able to legally work in the UK at least 20 hours per week.

Please send your CV to

Kurz & Lang Products

Our Wursts (German Sausages):

Bratwurst – the classical porky one (81% pork meat)

Rindswurst – pure beef (does not contain pork) (81% beef meat)

Currywurst – the spicy one: sliced with curry-sauce (81% meat)

Krakauer – special creation from pork, beef and spices (83% pork + 8% beef = 91% meat)

Käsewurst – pork and beef with melted cheese inside (44% pork + 26% beef + 20% cheese)

Frankfurter – the boiled one (65% pork + 16% beef meat = 81% meat)

The 11th Generation Gourmet Bratwurst – : It took no less than 11 versions to achieve this amazing wurst – the most exclusive member of our selection. A mix of pork, beef, bacon and herbs, made with the best cuts and no preservatives, just a flavoursome treat in each bite. Now that’s what we call Gourmet!(73% pork + 13% beef meat = 86% meat)

All our sausages are gluten-free and lactose-free. Cheese sausage contains lactose.



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It’s The German edition of a doughnut. Golden brown doughnut covered in dusting sugar with a fill of jam

Best Drinks with your Wurst:

Paulaner Hefe-Weizen (500ml)
Schneider Weisse (500ml)
Paulaner Munic Lager (500ml)
Früh Kölsch (500ml)
Rothaus Tannenzäpfle (330ml)
Rothaus Radler (330ml)
Flensburger Pilsener (330ml)
Beck’s beer (275ml) or
Non-Alcoholic Beck’s beer (275ml)

You may choose from one of our recommended meals or mix and match as you like.

Simple Wurst-Meal


Any Wurst of your choice

Potato cubes or fries




Any Wurst of your choice


Potato cubes or fries


Pretzel Wurst-Meal

Includes:Any Wurst of your choice


Potato cubes or fries



Mix and Match Prices (with Wurst):

Any ‘Wurst’ & Breadfrom £ 4.65Any ‘Wurst’ with Sauerkraut & Breadfrom £ 5.80Any ‘Wurst’ with Potatoes & Breadfrom £ 5.95

Side Dishes without Wurst:

Large portion of Potatoes, Fries or Sauerkraut£ 2.80

Bread  £ 1.00   Pretzel  £ 1.60


Cold Drinks:

Paulaner Hefe-Weizen (500ml)£ 5.35

Paulaner Munic Lager (500ml)£ 5.05

Schneider Weisse (500ml)£ 5.50

Früh Kölsch (500ml)£ 5.30

Rothaus Tannenzäpfle (330ml)£ 4.20

Rothaus Radler (330ml)£ 3.80

Flensburger Pilsener (330ml)£ 3.90

Beck’s beer (275ml)£ 2.90

Non-Alcoholic Beck’s beer (275ml)£ 2.70

Jägermeister (40ml)£ 4.40

Coke / Diet Coke (330ml)£ 1.60

Coke / Diet Coke (500ml)£ 1.65

Fanta Orange (330ml)£ 1.65

Water still / sparkling £ 1.20

Pago Juice:
– Carrot Orange Lemon
– Pear
– Pineapple
– Orange
– Apple




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